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Part 6

Online Natural Stargate School training:

One learns the Net Language of Life

One speaks from the heart. 

One becomes an Angel, and a Galactic Being.

One awakens the inner World and balances the outer World. 


The school gives for One the diploma of "The Chosen One" and "Galactic Being ", the test is showing the heart and virtue wishes of the inner World.   

Truthbusters unearth the beauty of One's birthright.


Maximize an evolutionary benefit and unite the collective by discovering the inner power.


Be included in the Human Tribe by building "A home for ONE TRIBE, the Blue Apple Villages. "  


Click here for an appointment with Ellen!

   One is responsible for solving humanity's challenges by truthbustering the Science -Fiction system of overloaded "ignorance" (check the definition in Google).

    That is, one’s appearance, being disdainful.

   Please participate in disputing the TRUTH and validate the undiscovered new World of what it means to be alive, a blue apple vessel. 

  One is now a bondservant to the Science Fiction system, the Artificial Gates to Hell. 

     Furthermore, the comic part is that both planes (physical and divine) are living in Hell. 

This perpetual fire is One's Thoughts. Actions. Reactions, T.A.R. blinds their physical existence, is the guilty party on putting blockages to enjoy the "Earthly Paradise." 

    One needs to be aware of the environment and their natural birthright. It shows a life aspect developed at the expense of their invented living system.

    The Net of Energy Master materializes through an invisible Net with a third eye.

    This sacred energy that One's body makes is a blueprint from cosmic power.

    This polarity vibration governs negative and positive change, the Yin and Yang.

    It is the time to bond the opposite and contradictory aspects, opinions, and tendencies. 


    Invite the Inner World to this school to engage in truthbustering, a world that only one knows, but they have a hard time exploring or exposing it to the outer World.

   And bring this World to the surface, make it permanent; One is the boss and has free will to fire the artificial World. Unite this society with a loud voice!

   Object strongly to the Iron Bars, which conditioned and deprived the right to be a human being, act, and react with self-awareness. 

   Have a rendezvous with thyself; the Sleeping Beauty, slumbering in her earthly bag, is a HUMAN BEING. 

  The fanciful expression of One's actions and reactions does not correspond with thoughts; it does not accompany inner world wishes. 

  Let us learn with our featured lessons how to differentiate our natural living being right, to connect with the Creator/God ultimately - that is THE ONE. 

  Untangled the Network of Science-Fiction

              "I AM ABOVE, AND YOU ARE BELOW. "

   Consent to receive and have faith in the Inner World. It is okay to be disapproved of or have divergent thinking because One is unique. 

   Nevertheless, accepting a mental attitude recognizing fatalism in our human species is not okay.

  When thoughts/actions/reactions are in perfect harmony, one becomes a truthbuster. 

  Be kind, be the reason someone feels seen and supported, and make their voice heard. 

 Encourage each other, have the same journey, C.A.R.E., and learn from the Blue Apple Mother. 

Part 6

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