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Part 8

The Founder

Ellen Luca, an author on Amazon, an autistic adult who wrote.

"The Children of the Universe," "The Autistic Rising Star,"
"ETHON369 v VILHUM999," sci-fi children book three series.



           She suffered for five decades from wrong thoughts, actions, and reactions caused by her autism. 

Human society punished her more instead of showing her the right path. Today, children develop 1 in 26 cases of autism. 

A neurotypical cannot grasp this inner feeling. Let us save the children from the greedy feelings we all have. Stop the blame on others, and strengthen the T.A.R. It is One's responsibility to change.

    She transformed her inner world, researching multiple chronic rare diseases and the human body. She is happy to share her lessons and learnings, hoping to offer guidance to make a difference in One's Destiny.

     She is an Angel; her mundane diseases made her an Energy Detector.

   She blessed her illnesses, and the strange event in life taught her a way of divergent method to awaken.

   The lessons it gave her insides to appreciate her vessel and learn how it works this cosmic machinery, rays of striking light show her the right path.

   She listens to the brain of feelings, "GUT," and acts with her heart. 

    The guidance of this creativity generated a better alternative for her life path.

    The use of teachings opened her mind and soul, and she moved away from the traditional habits. Instead, she became a convergent thinker.

     The Karma and Destiny showed her how to interact with the "outer world. She was scared to get in touch with the outer world.

    She learns how to expose both worlds. 

   The radical changes in her personality are a miracle. She became a Magician in both worlds, 

             She had the power to build a bridge strong enough to hold a thousand horses. One can do it, too, only if they have free will.

      Her neurons held up the right connections, she fought to prevent five decades of blockages, and she became a Goddesses of the Inner World, 

    Why? Because she followed her treasure, she never gave up, even when obstacles came her way. Therefore, one should go after inner wealth too.

  This precious, rare collection of interaction with the energy field shows her that she is the Chosen One.

   As she did, one can become a buster by modifying and using divergence of One's thoughts/actions/reactions. 

  That is the real wealth, not in material or how much hoardings possess. The significant worth is the inner world. How One thinks, acts, and react is the Key. 

    Her dream is to build Blue Apple Villages around the World. She intends to set up something that stays forever for humanity, and the Blue Apple Mother, Earth.

   Every human will live a comfortable, peaceful, and happy life without being "the One whose body worked until the bone saw, a bondservant to the hoarding. "  

    Her path followed an Initiation process. Then, finally, she became the person that starts a chain of reactions; a human that reads the inner world of a being; an individual who has the power to interact with Energy, the Net of Life.

  She is autistic and found the Word through speech and pen, which motivated her to make this sequence of phenomes her best friend. 

   Communication and the Word are the armor of human civilization.

    After five decades, she could scramble them into Words of Emotion. 

     "It is never too late to be what you might have been." So instead, recognize the mistakes as blessings, and correct them to block the repeating cycle of habits.

   Her astrologist Vik, an eastern Indian astrologist, a Vedic expert in reading the birth chart, opens the door to her karma & Destiny, saying that if “Humans modify their thoughts, they automatically will change their actions and reactions, and the real Destiny would unfold. “ He can be reach on,


  Her sufferings from the outer world and her physical illnesses did not transform her into an evil being. The fears did not evoke hatred.

    She awakened the courage to speak, even if is wrong. Furthermore, she harmonizes her triple astrological fire carried in her birth chart: Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

   She reaches Unconditional Love and becomes the fire, decorating her S.U.N., the 12 energies, with the right vibration. 

    She uses her fiery personality to get in touch with Energy and has the advantage of changing and untangling the serpent.

     Her curse followed. It was the serpent (nervous system). WHY? Enjoy her classes, and One would find out. The Stars wrote her Destiny. 

  She meant to untangle her serpent through her triple gift of Energy.

   Destiny is the most complex puzzle. To find their mystics of themselves, humans must awaken their energy points and the Sun's twelve vibrations.

     Ellen has been able to crack her destiny path. The Key was her T.A.R. and how she combined these twelve energies in favor of her body. 

    She went to the unknown lands and began a march against her fear, she met Death and come back stronger than before.

  She felt the chills when she joined together with the mind and soul. They fought against her illnesses and oppressed her human right: 

                WORD, COMMUNICATION, and REACTION.

When those energies are united, the path of Destiny changes automatically. The power of the Net is sending omens, and One can see them. 

   One must work on the energies to see the omens.

   Ellen will work with One to unlock and untangle the energy field. 

   Her Destiny struck too, and she did not let the rain, seas, mountain, or cliffs stop her dream. 

The hidden power did not stop in there. In 2021, the Angel of Destiny awakened her from sleep to go online and find a designer of all those pictures from ETHON369 v VILHUM999, a sci-fi children's book.

     She is the Third Blue Apple Mother, the Tria Prima design, the water, and earth sign. Bianca is a talented designer, one of the best in this world. It brings patience into her inner Water and grounding her to Earth. 

Ellen's faith built the wings of her inner Angel; she got in touch with Destiny, which protected her from the devilish outer world. 


This way, she brought together her triangle of friends, Air, Water, and Fire, which helped her assemble her unique plane.

Follow her page on Amazon to get new releases about the third edition of this book and more knowledge about her new books: Twitter @LucaEllen672 and @ELuca67. 


Bianca: The designer is Bianca, a beautiful young Romanian soul, an Empath with a golden heart. Reach her through, Twitter @Raluca_Florea, In Instagram @ralucaf78, and Facebook: Raluca Florea Studio for any design work. She is available.


Part 8

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