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Part 4


 Who are the Blue Apple Villagers, and how will they contribute to humanitarian organizations? 


    Blue Apple Villagers are the great Truthbuster -Seeds, which must grow and blossom into a pacified web form.

    Blue Apple Village would come into existence because of One's donations.

  Blue Apple Villagers will be the Master living of master’s that will inspire the wandering humans on the path of Wisdom, consciousness, and they will build a peaceful, modern gatherings. 

   Under quite divergent thinking, the bare resemblance, and connections of the human species, they should keep intact their original purity in all various lands on Earth through the Blue Apple Villages. 

  Those Villages will preserve the Truth and be ready to comprehend and master the future generation of humankind.

   They will hand down the Truth with no secret groups; they will keep the sacred flame of consciousness teachings alive.

   The Villagers will use their lamps to re-light the outside World's Lesser light. 

   Humanity came along well with their invention, but they should figure out how to balance the Love for hoarding.

   The Villagers will have enough and not too much that may infect the dome we get our breath, food, and physical body harmony. 



Part 4

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