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 The grounds of this organization are to tear down the competition and arrogance of hoarding by setting up the Blue Apple Villages .

   The future step is the contribution of each human being to build the Blue Apple Villages. 

   The limits One live on, show that it is time to stretch out the restrictions on themselves.

  The Blue Apple Villager finds ways to see what can change humanity's World.

   The Clock is ticking; mound up the invisible wings with renewed strength and participate in this organization.

  Become the powerful spiritual being that broke the handcuffs of the present human living style. 

  Help construct Blue Apple Villages, give us inner skills, and offer knowledge. 

   This organization does not practice religious asceticism and does not support the denial of One's Inner and Outer Needs. 

   It causes harmony and balance between those two worlds. 

   The Blue Apple Villages will become the Modern concept mixt with actual ancient teaching of real Initiators, Angels, and Watchers of humanity and other living beings. 


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Please, check our Library for pieces of information.

     The Villagers will be a truthbuster members. Will plan the rise from the ashes of the living style of ancient human lineage with modern retouching.                           

    To change, we must begin from somewhere, which is what a truthbusters organization does.

   This website does not have ranks; what does exist is inner World, is the gemstone we want to polish. 

   Know that light is needed in this world, not tomorrow, or next week, NOW.


  Find the balance, act.  

Bring the inner World and let us fix the outer World.  

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