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Part 1


“This being fought a million battles. Still, one knows to arise from the ashes like the Phoenix Bird. Is One follows their Truth and treasure?
    This being mastering their thoughts to open the vault from their Matrix of Life. How?
By using divergent actions and reactions.
   This being was ridiculed and put down, and human society blocked their sound (words).
   This being cried a million tears.

However, look at One, ready to give their smile to society.
    This being was broken, homeless, betrayed by their species, and abandoned when one needed just an ear to be heard.

Society`s rejection is because of One`s divergence.

   Look at One's success, standing proud, and coming back as an Initiator, a Guru, a Sage, an Angel. One is laughing loud with Love, care, and compassion.
       One's life is without fear, and one loves unconditionally without a doubt because One feels the inner world and is looking to find hope.

Can One hear the cry? 
         One is the Goddesses/God of the Inner World, Justice, and Truth.
              This being is beautiful from within, and the outer look is not a matter, this being is humble because it is in her/his nature to be an Angel.

This Being is a HUMAN BEING, a Truthbuster.”

Truthbuster, Blue Apple villager, and The Chosen One
The definition of a TRUTHBUSTER!
How to become a buster of the inner truth!

❂ A truthbuster is the Chosen One among the 8 billion. Their inner World is an innocent
child, happy and full of compassion.
How the
inner truth can be bust!

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 Please, check our Library for pieces of information, and donation. This
website survives on donations. Thank you.

Does One wants to be rich in spirit, happy, and creative?
Then enjoy truthbust
ers community.                  

   ❂ A Blue Apple Healer definition: a fighter for their descendent lineage, for the future of their species to live in Peace, Serenity, Empathy, Gratitude, Unconditional Love, Equality, to own a complete Happiness of the two worlds, Truth, and Justice.
   ❂ A Truthbuster would teach the method to regain fine personal qualities and find a high
moral principal pathway that takes humanity far enough to build the Blue Apple Villages.

   ❂ A truthbuster is guidance. See with the eye of an eagle by attaching the eye from the
cosmic lamp "The Human Third Eye."

   ❂ A truthbuster will teach One to get smarter every day by listening to their intuition and acting with their brain and not with the minds of others.

Please, check our Library for pieces of information, and donation.


❂ A truthbuster is the happy, rainy emotional vessel that hugs One with delicate manners.
A truthbuster is an inner world

❂ An Online Blue Apple Villager, a dreamer that
brings to reality the living Villager of Blue Apple.

They will become experts from the Online courses and will analyze precisely, cleverly, and
indirectly the inner difficulties for One to achieve success.

They will teach One to get intense with bare feet walking on the grass and learn again to
ground themselves with anything born from nature.


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Part 1

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