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Ellen Luca

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Ellen's faith built the wings of her inner Angel; she got in touch with Destiny, which protected her from the devilish outer world. 


This way, she brought together her triangle of friends, Air, Water, and Fire, which helped her assemble her unique plane.

Follow her page on Amazon to get new releases about the third edition of this book and more knowledge about her new books: Twitter @LucaEllen672 and @ELuca67. 






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Ellen Luca


  She suffered for five decades from wrong thoughts, actions, and reactions caused by her autism. 

Human society punished her more instead of showing her the right path. Today, children develop 1 in 26 cases of autism. 

A neurotypical cannot grasp this inner feeling. Let us save the children from the greedy feelings we all have. Stop the blame on others, and strengthen the T.A.R. It is One's responsibility to change.

    She transformed her inner world, researching multiple chronic rare diseases and the human body. She is happy to share her lessons and learnings, hoping to offer guidance to make a difference in One's Destiny.

     She is an Angel; her mundane diseases made her an Energy Detector.

She is available for individual coaching and will help you bust your inner Truth!


Our designer is Bianca, a beautiful young Romanian soul, an Empath with a golden heart. Reach her through, Twitter @Raluca_Florea, In Instagram @ralucaf78, and Facebook: Raluca Florea Studio for any design work. She is available.


Joshua Fladger

Joshua has spent 16 years studying and practicing various meditation and breathwork techniques from around the globe, and has helped many people improve their mental and physical well-being.  Specializing in energy activation techniques, blending ancient technique with scientifically proven modern practices; Joshua can impart profound, practical mediation tools to bring you to a new place of enlightenment and truth.

A highly motivated and skilled individual with experience in the construction, wellness, and event planning industries. Strong communication skills and a passion for nature and community connection.


Gadgets of IBAVF Coming Soon

  • Mobile Wallpapers Coming Soon!

When you purchase the Mobile Wallpapers 50% is donated to International Blue Apple Villages Foundation.

Otherwise, thirty percent (30% )of snap ups are donated to the International Blue Apple Villages  and used to build small villages in the city’s skirts on the global scale. 

Any private individuals , and Corporations who wants to donate large amount of land , construction operations , money, and material for building the simple ecological homes of human tribe is welcome to contact the

  • Blue Apple Tarot Card Deck - Coming Soon!

  • BAVH™ (Blue Apple Villages Honeycomb) Music Box - Coming Soon!

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  • Blue Apple Villages Levatiting Globe - Coming Soon!

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  • Blue Apple Villages Spinning Ball Toy - Coming Soon!

About the IBAVF 

Ellen had a vision. Her spirit has been released by the Walk-Ins ,to build Paradisaic Villages on Earth; to offer a mindful living to the next generation of human race. 

IBAVF are the Locals Villages that care for Day-to-Day basis acts as the thriving force of our Thoughts/Actions/Reactions ,T.A.R. 

International Blue Apple Villages are the lost Eight Principle Law of Attraction , teaching your family how the macrocosmic works , and how to show CARE for your species .This large complex of reproduction (macrocosms) , or in other definition the infinitely expending consciousness, brings the knowledge to the microcosmic world , the occult of YOUR INNER WORLD . 

Therefore, CARE can be seen  as the Ultimate  and Principle Generator of IBAVF  and let us make this the quality of our experience . Generative derives from Latin “genere” which means “ To Create”. IBAVF is creating magic of your thoughts , serenity, compassion, empathy, happiness, and loyalty to your inner world . 

Thank you for visiting!

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