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Online Natural Stargate School training:

One learns the Net Language of Life

One speaks from the heart. 

One becomes an Angel, and a Galactic Being.

One awakens the inner World and balances the outer World. 


    This school is training One to becomes a Villager of the Blue Apple Villages Foundation


Who are the truthbusters? They are two kinds of trustbusters: a cosmic one and a blue apple one.

  The cosmic truthbuster is not going to reincarnate into another blue apple vessel. They will operate Galactic,

  The blue apple truthbuster will have the power to reincarnate into another body to continue watching over humanity.

        Definition of a truthbuster:              

  *Makes a big difference in the lives with whom they connect,

  *Is happy with a smile, a hug, a kiss, an unconditional loving wave, and just enough material to survive. 

  *Truthbuster is the Chosen One who will end the suffering by setting One's Heart into a cosmic Vortex of Honey. 

(Vortex of Honey meaning: a truthbuster personal tendency to bring good things to your Life. They are the messengers of the Whirling Air called the Nectar of Gods. 

  The Whirling Air is the tongue of balance and harmony between the Fire and Water that are contrary.

   *An inner-world doctor and diagnostician of healing methods.

  *A human being with the power to read and interpret energy=, thoughts= emotions=, habits= actions=, karma= destiny.

    *Is a participant and Creator of the Blue Apple Cradle of Civilization.                             

  *A human with unique knowledge of the inner and outer worlds.

   *Is cosmic, and a blue apple healer. They liberate the separation and find the keys to the Gate of Inner and Outer World. 

   *They get to the bottom of the real cause of anxiety, depression, and One can receive the solution.

  *Cosmic Healer meaning: an Angel, which their blue apple lineage came to an end, a soul that escapes from the net of an artificial stargate and begins to operate directly with Cosmic Energy. 

This roundabout has a fork with two paths,

  1) One divining rod, an arrow of divination, determines to heal One's blue apple vessel sufferings and gives them Happiness.

  2) The Evil Road is the existing system of darkness and suffering. 

   It depends on one which rod chooses; remember, free will exists.

Cosmic Power, Energy, God, Buddha, and Allah do not give a bip about materialistic wishes.


The Truthbusters purpose is to initiate the web of energy, and to increase One's interior light that defines the consciousness itself.

The octillion atoms in living beings' bodies are Cosmic Intelligence.

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    For every single wail shed, the online truthbuster has blessings for One. 

    It gives a breeze to the mundane Soul and builds a rainbow from their tears to protect One with the Gift of Strength and Courage.

The path would walk the One on the Blue Apple Cradle of Civilization, the Truth.

  They guide the inner World to reach the Divine Plane by grounding into Mother Nature's vessel, catching up with the Physical Plane.

 The knowledge will help humans swim like a Mermaid in this Net of Energy. 

  The One lives inside Mother Earth's womb; no one made them superior or inferior. 

    The humans themselves ripped off the Cradle of Civilization.

  The ancient humans slowly began a system still in practice, which individual and specific groups ranked themselves above. 

  Be thankful to the Artificial Blindfolds. It gave them a chance to see the inner World. It is an inside, hidden from the outer World, no one knows about; only Ego knows.

  Know, Ego never lies. Why? It knows one’s inner World, and it knows from the best. 

   The truthbusters are more aware of the inner World, the actions and reactions, feelings, sensory system, and memory of the individual being.

That little point is One`s physical plane, the circle is the divine plane. It is a path to connect those important dimensions. 

One's status and authority directly influence people's behavior, a system that builds the course of events. 

The Blue Apple Villages must be a free will to the complete package of angelic virtues that connects the inner harmony with the outer World. 

   The truthbuster pen, their inner and outer world actions would become the blade against the Upper Echelons arrangements. 

  A buster who finds the Truth is the Cosmic Web of Energy occupier. 

  It is One's duty as a descendant of humanity to fight. So, actions matter more than empty words.  

    The physical being exists because of a movement of these octillion atoms' Intelligence. 

   A Blue Apple truthbuster knows that the typical way of Life is through the web of energy, which activates unconditional Love. 

     Life is a product of a little tear of healthy blood and energy.

  That is the microscopic Big Bang of humans; the other livings have a little Big Bang, too, in ways the Creator, Cosmic Energy, wishes to build. 

         See, speak, and hear with the inner eye?

   It is the time to awaken from the enslavement of the Artificial Stargate system. Begin to use in moderation and favor the living instead of material. 

Every human has a good heart, every each one of them follows a path. 

     It is One's job to find the right direction, and the Angel inside. Then be friendly with the Ego, and extinct the Ego, not humans.

The Natural Stargate is our inner World, trapped in a fantasy world.

 Is One have the courage to come out from the artificial World? 

Bring the natural World into existence by finding the right tools. What are the tools? 



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    The ornament for the cure is the thoughts, actions, and reactions. T.A.R. 

Understand that the body is a distinct mass of quantum energy vessels. The artificial World IS NOT A BEING. It is only a tool to navigate Life in this Blue Apple Village. So, stop being attached to it.

   The mundane Soul asks for higher self-abundance, connecting the inner antennas with the Almighty Universe's manifestation of desires. 


Does the humans race want the extinction of their beloved children's descendants? NO.

 For that reason, cultivate the inner World with the right seeds, radiate that light into The Outer Worlds, and connect with confidence. 

  Humans are the only being that might not reach complete Happiness on the Master- of master’s Stone, Earth.

   The Blue Apple gives humans the birth certificates. She is hanging into the darkness with strength, trying to protect her children.

                                   It is all about The Children of the Universe.


   The Cosmic Philosopher built this precious Stone as a perfect rock, like the ideal element of the Universe, GOLD, the Fibonacci spiral of Life.

   It is a philosophy of the Universe, the way body works, and the same technic Universe has. Look at nature, then compare the human body, and the correct answer is there. 


    Even though we are not a fan of the materialistic system, we live right now surrounded by this living style, which is why we accept donations. It must circulate, a donation as One's soul wishes to give it is truthbusters logo. 

   We do not ask, it is all about possibilities, and we embrace anyone, no matter the circumstances. This organization is here to embrace anyone. We accept souls first, not material. 

    Truthbusters offerings equal the donations; contributions would build the Blue Apple Villages. 

  Welcome, we do not judge, we lift, we raise the community, more local, with just a little donation, any of our videos and courses are free. 


The Villagers will be a truthbuster members. Will plan the rise from the ashes of the living style of ancient human lineage with modern retouching.

   It would be the antithetical means of the Clergy's upper Echelons system. 

   Simply put, the Clergy Echelons grabbed the free will, the beauty of being alive, and the knowledge of what it means to be a human. 

  The villages vow individual liberation by respecting the virtues of Life, the Truth. 

Oneself is practicing angelic kindness and unconditional Love that impact people's lives. 

  Choose gratitude because the World needs compassion; the World needs to hear human's inner voice.

  Being in the company of Blue Apple Villagers will help regain the good. 


          The path to get the Key for those planes of energy is the pathway from one to another, it is disturbed through thought/action/reaction (T.A.R.) of hierarchism environment. 

    Can a human become galactic? The answer is yes, depending on how one interprets the word "galactic".

  Become galactic, awaken kundalini, the serpent of 7 chakras, and get in touch with the twelve energies, the quality of being original.


    As a being One is born with twelve types of energy (twelve zodiac signs) . A gift from the Maker, Sun.

     One energy supports their personality, the others wrapping the mental and moral qualities distinctive to One, which is a unique fingerprint of energy. 

   The connection is the Key, have those seven main points activate and then the spiral of Life is one step to the perfect element, GOLD.

  The twelve energies are the 12 nerves from the brain that are involved with motor, sensory, and autonomic function. 

  This planetary energy connects with seven chakras it sends energy to the body organs to function. 

      The round ankh of ancient Egyptian and the top of the cross from the churches represents the sun (the twelve nerves of the brain that illuminates thoughts, the pure matter); and the serpent holds organs in a healthy shape is the pillar that supports the Sun's rays of energy.

To become an ankh, having the right knowledge of blending those twelve energies to awaken the serpent is a must. 

   The polarity of negative with positive is equal, because those energies know to combine themselves for the good.

An example, when one is angry, the other energy of relaxation, comes and releases the fire of anger. 

   Those teachings were left behind and replaced with devilish knowledge throughout history.

    That is a way of becoming galactic, when One is conscious of their existence, and aware of the environment.

    The change humans had for thousands of years is the inability to hear, see and become aware of their environment through their 360 animalic senses. 

Unfortunately, humans lost their ability to sense energy field.


   Ellen, an Energy Detector; she learns to interact with her Physical and Divine Planes. 

A message from the founder, Ellen Luca:

             Take me in your inner garden, and you will realize that THOUGHT / ACTION/REACTION are in harmony at the end of our sessions, your success becomes aware of what it means to be alive.

  The founder, Ellen Luca `s changes are infinite. She is the way of becoming galactic. Is One eager to become galactic? Ellen Luca`s training, teachings, it will show guidance to One. Her happiness is One`s healing. Their smile and positive vibrations are her price. She has the power to read energy.

        She has a purpose, to honey the hearts of humanity, and a way to bust One`s truth. 

   In the beginning was light. A thought is the firing of One`s elements, a chemical element is a species of atoms. Is G.O.D. Construct to work inside of One`s earthly vessel. One is G.O.D. 


Ellen Luca channels the language of energy. She will open her guidance to One. How much One wants to donate depend on their sources. 

The Chain must complete a cycle, the Blue Apple Villages must rise to bring fruition the villages. 

    The Natural stargate student is going to build tomorrow`s civilization.

      It is a simple living, but simultaneously very modern, and galactic type, with many inventions used to advantage humans and the dome we live. 

 One will participate to the Chain of Natural Stargate Lifestyle. 

    Everybody must realize every good discovery and use must be promoted and modified for humans and Blue Apple Village, Earth, humanity`s beautiful paradise . 


    From the Dark Cavern, truthbusters will tend faithfully to keep the Perpetual Lamp of Wisdom and Peace alight. 

   From their lip to ear and then to the third eye, the truthbusters will illuminate rays into every race with esoteric teachings. 

    The truthbusters villagers do not intend to build temples or pyramids, but they plan to let humanity access the ancient and modern comprehensive facts, information, skills, and awareness.

   The hidden secrets of others, the sacred mysteries, will be opened with the Master Key; One's inner World is the secret that knows everything.

    It allows a view that enters the many inner doors of the Inn Consciousness Court. 

    Who dares to enter this invisible temple of mystery?

     One will enter the mystery temple roots. They will begin to be illuminated by the Great Central School of Blue Apple Mothers, Sisters, and Brothers.

    OH, dear Truthbuster, do not let the flame of Wisdom die out! 

   Value highly age after age, dismiss the dark cavern of the forgery temples. Let justice and Truth be the actual Initiators of Love, Compassion, and heavenly Happiness; please keep the flame alive.

  Is One ready to receive the supply of the immortal nectar and to recognize the value of what kind of crown they wear? 

   Open the pearl of Wisdom instead of vulgar materialistic swine has trampled one in ignorance and enslavement for thousands of years.

             Hasn't one had enough? 

   The footsteps of Blue Apple truthbusters will open the ears of the students ready to hear the Inner voice of the Universe and will fill their words with Compassion and Gratitude for the living.

  The Barbarian Race oversee humanity; they will try a customary amusement, putting to Death and torture the Truth.

  The Barbarian Race would begin the cry of scorn again to work out and apply the Hammurabi Law. 

   This beautiful word "Truth "is capable of being understandable by the Chosen One, who is elected particularly by Cosmic Power to promote along the Pathway of Wisdom. 

  Is One refusing to be the Chosen One? Why? For the Love of Materialistic Demon?

  Be a faithful truthbuster to Life and every living, develop into the Chosen One who teaches the "God's Word. "

  The uncomprehending lip of silence of the unconscious humans is the sealed sigil for Millennia. Then, their ear is open to the music of the Race of Barbarians.

   The Blue Apple Villages will master and freely provides the fundamental esoteric teachings, which will strongly influence the evolution of humankind. 

   From the Secrets to Truths is just a few steps for those prepared to partake in the great awakening of the Mistic Love.

  They must dwell in the Blue Apple Villages' living style with great adepts and Master Minds, who seldom rival with actions towards Gratitude, Love, Empathy, Care, Wisdom, Serenity, Tranquility, Peace, and a complete package of Happiness.

  Every donation made on this website is going to be used to build the Blue Apple Villages; every penny invested is to succeed in growing globally. 

  The Founder and Co-Founders of Blue Apple Villages and Truthbuster Organization would ensure that every country will begin to lead the course of truthbusters and the destiny of the villages. 

  Participate, engage, and prepare to be a truthbuster.

  One is the alchemist of their inner World, bringing the outer World into heaven or Hell. 

     Does One want to learn? Who wants to expend? 


   The Chosen One is set on the Heart and promises the responsibility to build the real foundation of a civilized human being. 


Click here for an appointment with Ellen!

Click here to have an appointment with Zachery!


  The one employs cosmic energy that unlocks the potential of becoming an Initiator. So come and enjoy truthbusters organization.

   Building the Blue Apple Villages means becoming a stable society, returning to the sacred Architecture of the Universe's Life, and being the backbone of Watchers over Human Civilization.

   The best hope of this organization is that we cause the evolution of unconditional Love by choosing a variant to our living style like Blue Apple Villages.

  The Djed-Pillar is the bundle of matter pockets that conserve and convey the entire Universe's Akashic Records. 

  The truthbuster job is not to judge or to figure out if someone deserves something; their job is to lift the fallen, restore the broken, and heal the ill. 

    There are thousands of drums playing in the Hearts of humans.

The World's deeds are storming and breaking out.

Before Physical Expiration, hear the drums more substantial; the sound is saying to One: 

       * What was One's purpose in this World? 

       * What did One change in their World?

       * What contributed to building a peaceful, serene, compassionate world? 

       * How did One protect the human lineage?


   Today ignorance is like a cotton cork in the ears. It builds a veil before the eyes and stops the Truth from being noticed.

  Who is ready to bust Truth, the inner World, because the outer World carries the struggle of tomorrow's worries and sorrows? 

  Become the truthbuster that drops the fire of Love on the candle of ignorance and has the Power to show the Truth.

  Light the candle and remove the inability to hear the right sound, the "God's Word, "and come out of the dungeon. The destruction of the materialistic labyrinth will make One happy. Trust the truthbusters from within. 

At this moment, the outer World is a dungeon for humanity. They are the only species that does not know what Life means because they are experts in imprisoning their Souls. The expiration of the Blue Apple Vessel, l will set free the spirit "penitentiary civilize system." 

How is World One left as an inheritance to their children? The security of necessities with a serene, safe, peaceful, compassionate Life does not exist. 

  Whose fault is it, children? Or is the culpability of an adult? 

  What did One do to change it?

  This organization wants a peaceful living settlement,

     Does One have the courage to participate in this movement? To improve the living style. Mean what the inner World says and acts as said? What about the reaction to it? 

Fidelity and trust are hard to find in anyone mortal, and even the fidelity of this materialistic World is disloyal to themselves. 

  Are humans said occasionally: "I wish I were not human because, from birth until Death, I am a robot with physical suffering? "

    Look at the birds and other animals. They are free, happy, and serene; they live in the natural Paradise, are humans? 

      Humans have multiple personality disorders (MPD); the dam will not stop the water flow, but the accumulated hardship and distress will knock you down, drawn into your dirty ocean.  

    Even if One is the most potent human in this World, if the character is weak, the fidelity and trust of the materialistic World will defeat One. 

  The materialistic World is about " I AM ABOVE, and YOU ARE BELOW."

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