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Part 2


One is the light of the Universe, the inner Sun, and the rays of the Moon, 

One is the river and the waterfalls, with the swaying of the sea and the fluttering of bird's song.

One is healed, grounded with mint, neem, and eucalyptus,

Sweeten the Heart with honey and rosemary, lavender, and chamomile. 


Be the child who gets knowledge from the invisible friend, the cosmic Healer. Keep clean THE blue apple.

Getting the hugs and energy from the cocoa beans, the sweetness from coconut milk, and the high vibration of the cinnamon will KEEP One warm from the insecurity feelings,

Heal with the kisses from the soft winds, the sound of the Cosmic Network, and the Blue Apple nectar.

Learn to release attachments and expectations from the materialistic World and use technology just enough to be healthy and thriving.


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   For those who want to bust the TRUTH, first unseal, and reveal the secrets of their Heart.

    Ask for guidance; we are here, free; ask for charity from the inner World, but first, give us the clarity for One to find the right pathway. 

     Heal oneself with self-unconditional Love, and always remember: Jump, Laugh, Dance, Sing, and Be Happy. Life is in the body.



One is the Medicine for their thought. It builds emotion called "internal suffering. "It controls the actions and reactions.

     It defines steps to the Pyramid of habits (culture, tradition, routine, repetition, rank) that develops wealth (material possessions), fame, poverty, sickness, early Death, control, greed, envy, war, jealousy, hate, wrath, and sloth (Artificial Stargate system).


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    The Truthbuster will show the path, but only One can walk on this route; not even the artificial World can interfere with this pathway.

   Free will is the only One who can fire up their big bang, THOUGHT.

      The habits that come from actions ignite thoughts and symbolize the acceptance of karma; it equals the terminal weapon of wrong destiny.

       Who can change destiny? Only if one knows what thought to fire up. 

        Is One ready to ignite the Soul?

  Excite the Thought with Blue Apple Villager Wisdom.

So, it is One's Intelligence that rice course unseen across the skies under this protected dome of Blue Apple.


It is all about thoughts, actions, and reactions to the environment, simply without complication. Follow your T.A.R. is all about it.

 What does One want the Body/Mind/ Soul to become? 


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    Look to the system and watch Life. One must see their personality from both planes, Physical and Divine, to find out if they are a truthbuster. 

 Life is perfect if humans can see, hear, and sound like the Fibonacci formula. 


Please, check our Library for pieces of information, and donation.



                  Bust the TRUTH and become a TRUTHBUSTER.           

Part 2

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