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Part 7

Ellen Luca will close doors that not even One can open anymore, and she hopes that one would inspire the Initiation of changing the color of their thought about the Red &Blue Sexinner Serpent Tantric Dance. 


 The Sexinner Dance wants you to open doors that no one can open, to weave your Physical Being with your Spiritual Being, resulting in Cosmic Wave.

One upgrades themselves to a magnetic being with truthbusters classes. 

                            One becomes a truthbuster.


One is learning to work with the electromagnetic field of their T.A.R. (check our TA.R. definition)

The pleasant senses of Kundalini's desire are the Sensual Way, Unconditional Love to thyself. One`s body is a Cosmic Diamond. Let it shine like a rainbow.

The Honeycomb Cosmic Mother is a perfect diamond, as you are too. 

Let us align your diamondlike field.


A REMINDER, please, respect therefore, Red & Blue Sexinner Serpent Tantric Dance has nothing to do with the animalistic, uneducated sex of the human plane. 

        These classes offer opportunities for the Galactic Path, to the knowledge of magnetic kundalini, followed by Light kundalini. 


It is a course to learn to enjoy One's frequency and vibration in a galactic way.

An E.T., or other beings around the Universe, will call humans shallow vibrational beings. They will even have challenging rhythm understandings of our frequency and vibration and how we pleased the senses of Red and Blue Cosmic Energy. 

This cosmic energy is the Honey of Our Creator. It resides inside of ourselves. 

 E.T.s are not speaking; they vibrate and have a rhythm of cosmic energy. We will come back to this subject when We are ready. 


Red is the physical body; it moves and vibrates like a serpent to let the Blue have a tantric dance with it. 

After those classes, each participant will have the power to unite the two-sugar crystals with a balanced rhythm when mingling the right path with the human plane. 


     The RED&BLUE Serpent Dance prefers to teach and embrace One. 

For more information, reach out personally to

On our website,, organize group videos (more than five people and the group will be alive). 


The dance is all about awakening the Inner Serpent. 

 What is the meaning of the Serpent? 

                                                              Who is the Serpent? 

     The nervous system produces energy, a vibration of thoughts /actions/reactions, T.A.R. It is like a snake that shades its skin 12 times a year. 

The Serpent is a symbol of the sensual spirit within human beings.


When the full moon appears every month, the serpent collects the plasma to the human antenna: pineal and pituitary gland. The Earth`s Moon accumulates plasma from Sun. 


Between those two covenant arms is the embryo of the Cosmic Honeycomb Mother. It`s a heavenly liquid called by the ancients “Christos Oil.” It goes up and down when the moon has its phases.

 Every one of our customers can contact Ponja, our astrologist, or any astrologist they trust to have the exact dates of the full moon of their birth chart. 

After the New Moon, the Christos Oil goes down the chimney of the spine and sits on the Sacrum. 

On a New Moon, the Christos Oil goes up from Sacrum. It`s time for rejuvenation and manifestation of your wishes. 

It`s an excellent time to have a ritual, alone or with a group, to set your clear intention for the days ahead of the New Moon.  Acknowledge your growth and write your mantras and your wishes. 

As the Blue Apple (Earth) changes its electromagnetic field during this period, One should do it too, releasing toxins and stagnant energy.


See the first sliver of the moon and clear the overburdened emotions. The Christos Oil is going up. It must come down. That phrase reminds One to spring forth and complete what needs to be accomplished to manifest their goals, rebuild, and re-emerge.


Befriended with the serpent and the Shadow of the Ego will guide the serpent to its capacity for spiritual growth and perfection.


Can One relieve their stress? "Yes, You Can." Use 12 energy sources.

The classes will separate the sensual spirit from the soul’s desires. 

One allows the rays of the Mundane Soul’s greedy desire to destroy the very being that gave life. 


They are six chakras that should align with each other and have the power to edit One as divine. The twelve zodiacal energies are One's inner being. It is about the power of transformation and self-healing. 


Be the love machine to thyself. See with the cosmic eye the charming beauty to take One's breath away (figurately speaking). 

The goal of this Serpent Dance is to grow so strong from the Inside that nothing on the Outside can affect One's Inner Vibration and Frequency without Consciousness's permission. 

                              One's Consciousness is saying there is a need to be in the present moment. The last vibration was One's past; it is fuming in the ether of the Universe and never to come back. 


Let the present moment build a better and stable future.  Pull out the goods from the past and leave the rest to the Consciousness of the Universe, One's Creator. 


The trickster of the past is One (you, her, him, them, all of us). 

 Holding, looking, and gossiping about it from every angle, harms the present and future vibration of One's thought/action/reaction, T.A.R.


 It is a gift; use it wisely; the present moment needs One the most.

One should learn, guide, and teach what is in here and now by transforming it into positive lessons. 

    Then, dream for the future in the real world.  

First, receive the cosmic energy on three hundred sixty senses, the grid of One's body. 

One must breathe in and out, slowly feeling the oxygen going through the black hole. 


It is a twirling vibration, lightly going around the Serpent (spine), sending healing frequency to your inner machine's organs. Feel a specific arousal tingling when touch awakens the body's senses.

 Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are the pleasure and happiness of the inner machine. So let us walk together with the precious air. Meet the inner world, have a conversation, and embrace it unconditionally.

It is One's inner factory.

 Heal each part of the body with a blackhole's pirouette. Be in and out, breathing through your earthly tube. The black hole's quick spin is grounding you at the speed of Light. 

Align the chakras one by one. Then, have a cosmic trip with our music and dance with us. 

Secure the energy first from Mother Nature and ground yourself with personal protection. 

Then, send gratitude to Earth for giving you a vessel to let your cosmic Consciousness, the Atom, have a spiritual maturity in this physical body. 


When we complete the twelve energies Tantra, we open the portal to the Wheel of the 13th dimensional of the Serpent, which becomes alive. 


Then, finally, the portal will spiral to the secret codes of Light, giving One a sensation of pleasure, happiness, and unconditional love for itself and Planet Earth. 


The music and dance are a reverie experience with unique neural links from partners and single individuals. 

It would allow sensations of physical pleasure and peace of mind. 


The Serpent dance and music led further human evolution to comprehend the spiritual nature of the original religion.

 It is an unconscious fantasy. It is an ecstatic consciousness concentrated on flowing deliberate energy accompanying Chakras' balance.


The human body is 73% water which is the Net of Energy. So, when One breathes in oxygen and protects its environment, those atoms form a Crystallization of the Net of Water. 

This blue liquid has a tantric dance inside. The positive and negative energy on your Chakras is having pleasure liking each other. 


The One's Water Net begins a symbolic dance of Yin and Yang, Negative & Positive. Those two polarities are the perfect dance of the Cosmos. 

 The ritual of subatomic and atomic crystals is the ideal environment and perfect T.A.R. for One's being... 

Water is a polar molecule made from the three unities: photons, neutrons, and the swirling energy around those two equal "Atom" =Molecule. 

Let the Heart Chakra distribute honey to the Center Inner World. 


The original weaver of the Universe is Unconditional Love. 

In the Universe, there are Nine Tones, Nine Worlds. 

The Sexinner Consciousness Yoga Music and Dance takes One to the next level and beyond other Worlds.

   One has the power to get to the next stage of their life. 

The physical body is the first stage. Learn to let the inner energy come out how you feel comfortable. Don`t mind, no one. You are the SuperPower.

Let your organic movements breathe out. 

               Be natural and trust your inner intuition. 

Dance beautifully, and let your body intuitively move with you. Let the Red &Blue energy be in a pirouette with the sound. 

 The next is spiritual, and the last is the superpower to enlighten the Christos Oil from the embryo down to the pipe of the Black Hole of the Human Spine. 

Granted with remarkable power, "the wave of bliss "connects and opens the gate of the Center Sacred Tree of the Universe. 


The sacred path of the Nine Worlds must bridge humankind to connect with the Cosmic Web. 

To reincarnate in the Center of G.O.D.'s is a power that belongs to One. 

 The hand of fate is stepping in when one, the listener, awakens their chakras with Sexinner Consciousness, Yoga, Music, and dance. 


  Use a mask to see beyond mundane vision because human vision can interfere with only seven light colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

The Inner World Chakras are the three hundred sixty energy connections of the living body's grid system.  

This Inner World is a constant sound of frequency and vibration that forms pure energy. 

The human ear cochlea is in the form of a spiral. Why? The inner ear sound captivation system, arranged by nature for each living being in diverse ways, is specific to their outer world necessities. 



                                                LET US BEGIN 

    (Use any kind of music and movements that produces an awakening  and invigorates One`s inner frequency .)    

 Give a breeze to the Soul and build a rainbow from your tears to be protected with the Gift of Strength and Courage. 

When Calmness is present in your cosmic vibrations, the illusion rhythm of the human plane becomes invalid. 


Use the art of self-actualization. Imagine yourself in the middle of the Lotus petals, which looks like a brain factory with wires. This embryo produces a journey to self-mastery. 

Let us find a sympathetic resonance to actualize within the world with honey. With sound, your inner water will cause a geometrical pattern and heal your body, mind, and Soul.

 Let us create a systematic civilization that is awakened and aware of its Inner Superpower (I.S.P.).

Let us try the power of thought, action, and reaction (T.A.R.), the most outstanding heritage of the human species. Calmness is the noble power you can have.        DEEEEP BREATH IN ……………

                                         WITH DEEEEP NOICE, EXHALE    

The swirling energy around red and blue honey crystals solves all challenges. The Inner machine receives a linguistic expression of anything that has rhythm.


Retake a deep breath through the nose, right from the diaphragm. Then, again then, again, breathe out through the mouth, but this time release the gossip, negative thoughts, actions, and reactions on a load of noisy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


 You gotten go from within, become a magical star, find parallel Universes, and open the Gate of Akashic records. 

    You become the World of Spirit. Dance with the flow of your voice of Spirit. What does it say? 

  Connect on a deep level because you are the Creator of those stages.

Compress the meaning of your entire life into fewer; well, fortify AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sounds.

This rhythm uses cosmic language to be expressed into an intense negative chatter from your inner box. It has related to the experiences and negative observations of human life. 

Adopt the wisdom language of your Inner Creator T.A.R. (thoughts/actions/reactions/).

Offer several benefits to your Creation. 

              YOUR T.A.R. (thoughts/actions/reactions/). IT IS YOUR CREATION.

Care for it; hug and kiss it passionately; let the vibration of thoughts improve your relaxation and connect with the Cosmic Net of Energy. 

     A reminder to One, you are the chain of humanity.


 The pendulum rhythm is an extraordinary evocation of a human adolescent resistance testing One's limits against self-admiration and self-approval. 

You are confident; you have an innocent arrogance of self-satisfaction. It is a world, only yours to execute. 


It is the breath of success I see in the Hermit Lamp, ready to jump out. Nevertheless, feeling calm satisfaction becomes an ability to expand horizons.

 This class is parading One's view to gain relief and admiration for thyself, and it prevents one from trying harder. 

Now begin to balance the complacent behavior of the human plane. Stop paying attention to the autopilot and the dangerous mindset of the human world. 

From the Inner Creator of Christos Oil, let the sense of security stems express itself with passionate rhythms. Get out of the status quo! Take on new endeavors.

Drink and anticipate your own Kool-Aid and be mindful of it. Be delighted with the new thoughts that cause new frequencies and vibrations. It defines who you are and what to attract.



How to design a better brain to have a safe and happy life? 

Change your Thoughts/Actions/Reactions/ T. A.R. Engage in our classes to change your life.

A better brain moves behavior, habits, traditions, and cultures of limitation levels to a more efficient, balanced rhythm.


There are many ways, but we offer only four ways for now.

           Our logo is I give as I receive:

1)Appraise the cognitive box. Change the way you think. Exercise self-control and positive appraisal and reappraisal. Your alchemical world needs urgent help.

2)What do you focus on constantly? Know that you are the best actor. 

The world of humanity develops an Inner Biological Agent & Stressor to the conditioned environment. Materialistic Evil tricks humans with constant distraction, which makes them Drama queens or Kings with free will.   

  3)Watch and analyze your emotions with a third eye (not a mundane vision, but a perception of an intuitive being). Humans live in a pent-up emotion of the past. Do not use the feelings of others. The inner ink needs your attention(thinking). Refrain from responding to respond.

4)Be unique; the survival coping mechanism is debating your awareness with altering thoughts. So, answer and do not escape avoidance of an unbalanced living style that steals the dreams and values of a species, HUMAN SPECIES.  


"A hand up for the single or couples who want to complete our classes to open the portal called:

              " The 13th Grids Wheel, a mosaic that covers our entire human body with ecstasy. 

   The main target of our Sexinner classes is to awaken the Serpent of the Great Honeycomb Mother, and the knowledge of the Blue Apple (Earth). 

Anything we do contributes to this secret portal of becoming Galactic. 

We will meet the future us when we complete the findings of the Initiator inside of us, the twelve lights of the zodiac.  The music is a part of the puzzle.


The Blue Apple is the primordial being as the source of protection, power, nourishment, and the mystery of cyclic reincarnation. 

Female performs the same functions as Blue Apple Mother Earth. We can bleed rhythmically with the moon phases. The male has been seen as the inception of the womb, the mighty warrior. 

We are the Great Goddesses/Gods of powerful magic and organic communication with the spiritual world. 

A powerful man has female energy going through their body, and they should embrace it proudly. It`s time. 

               All humans are feminine and masculine. They are twin flames.

A woman/man is the procreator of Life, the vibrating pattern of the Cosmic Mind, and extensive web work; there is an energy knot that interlocks with a human mind, and we have the power to love unconditionally. 

We give birth to a child and love them unconditionally, protecting them with our lives.

That is the reason we are different. Our mission is to spin the thread of Life, opening new portals to the Original Weaver of the Universe, the Galactic Portal. 

   We are the Phoenix Bird that rises from the ashes of blue water with branches and roots connected with the Universe`s knowledge. We can bridge all worlds for humankind to reincarnate.   

" The Sexinner Consciousness Yoga is the Unconscious Phantasy, the spiritual music connects you with the past, present, and future You to bridge the time in no time. 

It is an ecstatic consciousness concentrated on flowing deliberate energy, which is accomplished by the balance of the chakras and harmony of the soul. 


The music is a reverie experience where the unique neural links from both parties and individuals would allow the sensations of physical pleasure.

 The spiritual and physical ecstasy manifests a marriage of the Energy Net. 


It´s an ancient ritual, the original religion incorporating the Mind/Soul/Body. 

The Blue Apple Mothers must take the lead in further human evolution to comprehend the spiritual nature of the original religion.

 The reintegration of divinity is a desire to reach the peak of emotional intensity, to return to the Womb of Great Mother with an Ecstasy Celebration. 

In Sexinner Consciousness Yoga music, one lets go of the Ego and becomes aware of Spirit. The Soul can spellbind the inner fire of "I-Am-ness. "


Christos Oil Factory Information:

 I-Am-ness is the engine that has been dormant for millenniums. 

The truthbustering is a lubrication method and will help the existing style of living to be reduced by zero, which means you will connect directly with GOD (your embryo, the Universe inside of YOU).

The Law of Creation and Manifestation promises to help One`s inner factory to make it smooth the engine of the Universe. Only One has the power to follow the path. 

    Truthbusters is only a Hermit to you. The resistance to inconveniences and the rusty movement of your thoughts is the trick, the real secret. 

Once you fortify and moisturize your Christos, your awakening is one step closer to the realm of the Creator. You become Goddesses /Gods of your world. Then powerful things start to happen.                   

                               Click here to have an appointment with Ellen!

                     For more details, please contact us. Thank you for being here. 

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