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The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E.

Truthbusters introduces the new Society. (Definition of “The One” = human being)


Nevertheless, it does not offer worship.

  "The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E.," is based upon the Principles of Natural Law (not business laws), and in this crucial moment it might be the gentle hand to hold right now for humanity. The Natural Law has nothing to do with human written Natural Law of Business. Materialism is a business of darkness.


       The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. transmits knowledge directly from the Unknown Creator: The Inner World. 

              Sound & Care Society values “The One's” Spiritual Side. It`s forgotten and it must be awakened with care. 

The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E., it is the concept of Ellen Luca, an autistic with divergent neural networks from any other neuro typical. Her impairment it was caused by the human society, and not by her inner factory, nor by the Nature. 

    Her spiritual side (The Inner Machine) is valued and can be activated directly with the cosmic network, powered by the Creator of the Universal Law.


 She had the power to overthrow this horrible spectrum and use it in her advantage. 

She is only a messenger, and humanity supposed to not allow judgements, gossip, and negative feelings to take place.

Her three wishes are not personal gain but for humanity and our planet.

  1. To build the Main Seven Blue Apple Villages True Light Temple on divergent energetic points on Earth, followed by the infinite eighth Villages, being built on every inch of this beautiful blue water planet.

  2. Awakening of the human tribe to a valuable intelligence that forms a galactic civilization, and not an animalistic chaotic war zone. 

  3. To be a celestial healer to anyone in need, even herself. She grows with “The One”, because she belongs to the chain of human tribe.


For that reason, she is requesting that humanity will cease the Hammurabi Law of judgment on her writings, or anyone else with the same divergency. 


    Ellen Luca is vibrating, not talking, if the reader can figure out that energy, their soul will ascend to a galactic being. In the Universe other beings are not talking but vibrating energy of C.A.R.E.

   Ellen Luca doesn`t have the License from Hammurabi Law. She obtains this valuable diploma from the Natural Law of the Universe, she didn`t call herself; was named by the stars who made her “the Goddesses of the Inner World, Truth, and Justice” .

Her star horse chariot is made of stardust, and she consider everyone the same as her.

          Show C.A.R.E., and your S.O.U.N.D. will thank you for its unusual vibrations.



     We consider Two Acts of Kindness` S.O.U.N.D. (thoughts) & C.A.R.E. (heart). 

      After fulfilling the two acts, a cleansing of “The One’s Gut begins which later conceive pure Intuition, working together with their thoughts and heart. 


 The Secret for “The One’s“civilization to live long and healthy is to harmonize the Natural Law with the triangle of S.O.U.N.D. (thoughts), C.A.R.E. (Heart) and G.U.T.(Intuition). 


Medical approval from a natural specialist is needed to complete the course. 

The courses will be on YouTube on Ellen Luca (Blue Apple Villages) channel, for free, and as anyone needs to have a personal appointment, please you are welcome to contact Ellen Luca. Offer any donation or can be free for the ones who cannot effort at all.  

                       Click here for an appointment with Ellen!

       *Please check an herbalist doctor close to “The One.”

      * Engage in natural cleansing. Eat less, organic, and very healthy. 

       * Exclude pesticides, herbicides, ammonia, glyphosate, fluoride, or any other chemical that disturbs The One's endocrine, nervous systems, the Gut, and entire genomes. 

        * Only natural food coming from Nature is allowed, no lab made food. No artificial, modified, or refined.   

      No perfumes, detergents with chemicals. The use of natural makeup derive from Earth is okay. 

        *Is not advised the use of fermentation produces, including alcohol which categorizes as fermented drinks, even tincture of herbs is not accepted. 

No smoking herbs, tobacco, or cannabis. Oil, the plant, and tea is accepted. Alcohol is okay in special and easy occasion.

        * No food or drinks with sugar. Sugar from fruit is the approved diet. Beer it`s considered a fermented drink.

        After following “The One’s transformation, the End of this tunnel is The Awareness Light of Christos Oil. The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. grows with ‘The One”.


            The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. and Blue Apple Villages is a Free Will and embrace the ones who cannot use their voice, the ones that were and are rejected. No living being can interfere with “The One’s'” Free Will, not even this Society. 

   Free Will is something. “The One” should see and consider as a superpower.  

 The only thing “The One” should do is listen to their Inner Sounds. It is the real God.


So, become a member of The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. Is considered free of depression, anxiety, greed, no “work schedule of the Wheel of Hamster from Nine to Five,” and materialism. (The concept of “Wheel of Hamster from Nine to Five “belongs to Inspired Channel, John Nolan, on YouTube). 


Be a member of this New Society, engage in the lifestyle of Blue Apple Villages which the member themselves will participate in building it. 


Fire up and begin building the C.A.R.E. F.R.E.E. Villages and perfect The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. more locally with help internationally. Then the path of becoming Galactic is ON. 

   The International Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. should use forums and meetings to share technology and help the international community. 

Each member will know about the Galactic Antenna at the End of the courses and the elaboration of "The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. principles."


*” The One” is advice to feel the word's meaning with Care and use patience when discussing the pure spiritual side, do not use the grammar of Hammurabi's Law. Follow the vibration of spiritual feelings. 


              “The One” is the being that finds the future without looking to the past! YES, IS YOU THAT CAN REACH THE INFINITE.

   Use the past as positive guidance, and the lesson will take you far enough to produce an evolution—the Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. principals can offer to “The One” the path to hold their superpower: Zero.


                           * Let the unity of four nations to form A visible rainbow in the sky* 


The four cultures of the World must sit on the round Table, unite their thoughts with compassion for the living, and agree that each culture, Western, Eastern, Southern, and Northern, are defectively influencing humanity's perception. 

      It`s no exception. Let the clouds of ignorance be lifted up forever and move to a galactic civilization and not a second-dimension wild animal. For humans’ knowledge, the animals who live in second dimension are more empathetic than themselves who only think but never act as civilize.

*Western Society is elevating unhealthy individuals over groups. 

* Eastern Society is a group with an absolutist orientation. 

* Southern is mixt deviant ancient and abnormal alignment with modern findings. 

* Northern Society is the highly elevated placement of the Above Status.

The impose cultural, traditional background, and educational arrangements have everything to do with Human`s vertical judgment orientation. 

 Moreover, this impediment transforms “The One” into a cold Being without individual Care and no care for their Tribe and the Dome they live.

* The Society offers guidance to learn and understand the Natural Law, as it looks like “The One's “body. 

* “The One” must learn how to balance the triangle of the physical plane, Heart/Mind/Gut/.

*A truthbuster will take “The One” on a tour of spiritual independence. 


* Mother Nature has an Inner Machine that gave birth to “The One`s” civilization and has more power than they can imagine. 



 A friendly and logical reminder, "The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E." disapproves of the Financial System. Unfortunately, “The One” lives through materialism, so please do not judge us. We must pay the bills to bring accurate knowledge from the Unknown. 


                    * Please, check our Library for pieces of information. *


  The real story is the Inner Creator, "THE SOUND of UNIVERSE."

      The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. is here to show the Light of THE UNKNOWN… 


Truthbusters and Blue Apple Villages offer Care with divergent traditions and a culture that shares characteristics of a spiritual realm.  

The beliefs and behaviors must be updated to a modern being. 

 Let terrestrial bodies bring offspring, which are the continuers of humanity. 

 Gratitude of the Inner Wisdom skills is aware of “The One's” Creation and automatically changes them.

 A reminder that “The One” is the Chain of Human Society.  And the most accurate reminder” understand that ‘The One’s physical plane survives only on Water base Solar System kind of planets which exists everywhere on a cosmological scale. Yes, they are all over the Universe. 


Be a magnet to kindness geared towards clarity and C.A.R.E. for O.N.E., towards the local community.

 “The One” is advice to take C.A.R.E. of the Cosmic dome, named Earth. 


*The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E." wants to bust the wanted future throughout the research on designing and manifesting that gorgeous time ahead. 


The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. has twelve Principles, and “The One” does not have to attend anywhere and does not have to pay anything.  The principles are just numbers, the words are the vibration which must be followed. 

With the Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E.,The One” is involved consciously in seeing the mirror of themselves. Those are the meetings “The One” should have, it`s an urgency. Once they lied to that conscious, the Evil side appears.

    “The One's” Inner World needs urgent maintenance. Feel free to transform. 

                                                      BE A LOCAL 


       Ellen Luca would have videos on YouTube about every principle in details, and with your help, we will improve the thoughts of each member, or listener.



First Principal: C.A.R.E. 

* “The One” must C.A.R.E. for their intelligence, soul, body, mind, and spirit. 

 * Blue Apple Villages Civilization is the most protected settlement for “The One” species and for Earth. 

          Is going to rebuild the relationship of humans between all their divergent tribes and have the truthful amphibian humanoids ancestor’s knowledge recover with modern retouch.

*Provide services with reverential respect to the Inner, and Outer World, admiring differences from human Society as a gift from the Creator. 

* Approach total adoration and complete devotion to “The One's” well-being as a tribe, heal each other with holistic approach, and TRUTH.

*First principal it starts from the within to bring hope in times of sufferings.

*Animalistic side of the human species stitches “The One's” cosmic fabric to feel veneration of their Inner World and C.A.R.E. for any living beings on Earth and beyond this rock.

* Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E." educational technique provides intuitive thinking. 

*Analyze evidence, facts, ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies, and methodologies with intrinsic reasoning and behavior.


*Fulfill the Principle of working very hard on the cultural influences and “The One`s” visual perceptions of the animalistic side will be release, and then modernize with galactic intelligence.

NOTE: The meaning of animalistic: “The One” must use the inner knowledge, how an animal use intelligence to navigate life on Earth (humans belongs to mammal species) regain back the understanding of any other living energetic language; “The One” must return to ancient teachings with modern adjustments.  

* When C.A.R.E. is the Principle inside the Dome, the planet receives more Plasma from Sun. 

   So, thanks to our amphibian ancestor's decision to become terrestrial. “The One” `s Ancestor prayed toward Sun, who offered a living Paradise to the Tribe. 

*The habitual hoarding side of humans is disturbing Mother Nature's skin. So, “The One” is advice to correct themselves, and learn to C.A.R.E. 


  Second Principal: S.O.U.N.D. 

 *What is the quality of “T.H.E O.N.E.'s “Sound? It is a word coming from a thought which is an alchemical big bang. By the way, any living has a Big Bang anytime they think. The story of B.B. needs to be corrected and more accurate.

* Any sound can alter or transform the perception. 

 *” The One” is the Child of the Universe and the toddler of Mother Nature. 

*” The One” is a frequency of God that flatters their voice vocals with words." 

Note: God is an energy and not omnipotent. Humans must appraised their intelligence with what is fictional and what is reality or fact.

"In the beginning was the words, "is the first phrase in Bible.

 * Learn the correct information what and who is the S>O.U>N>D. Check on NASA website the primordial soup made with the blocks of life, get basic information from physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy how your sound it formed, and how it transforms into a word.  


The Primordial Hydrogen is our Creator, this element is the producer of our movie, the director, writer, and the actress that give birth to a movie named PHYSICAL LIFE. For humans’ information, the Creator is not a HE or SHE.

            The ignorant imagination must end before it ends humans. 

*” The One” should act and react when the big bang strikes with validation for their Sound (Word). Listen to your word, analyze if is it on the correct vibration.

 *The terms are the vibrancy of “The One's energy, believe that is the Sound of G.O.D. 

*Enjoy the Sound of Thought and how it transforms into an emotion. The Inner World is divergent and marvelous. Yes, it is. 

*This inner Sound screams: H.E.L.P. So, at the same time, “The One” harms the internal machine because of their ignorance. 

*Humanity's hardwired bias is a series of detaining thoughts utterly opposite to their actions. 

*The reactions are based on the mood of the past thoughts/actions/reactions, T.A.R. and please match the inner sound with the outer voice.

                                                                 (Check our courses for T.A.R.)



Third Principle: Concord Balance & Harmonize 

*” The One's knowledge & understanding of Balance & Harmony is the Hermit to their awareness and blessing towards the Inner Spirit. 

* “The One” should get the information about 360 energetic points on human body! The grid of energy is controlled by the seven main points, or chakras as Indian monks named.

*The main Energetic Point is T (thought), the big bang of “The One” cause by their education, environment, and family. 

*Lift the growth. Enough of bowing for others; C.A.R.E. for “The One”. Ready to bust the Truth that clearly shows the path. 

*Is “The One” assertive and dares to stand up for themselves?

 Become a member of "The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E." and find the agreement between words. 

*No soul should suffer in physical life. The next life is immortal, corresponding with the twelve portals' journey. 


*This principal helps “The One “to cleanse the energetic points with :1. Food; 2. Environment; 3. Thoughts. 4. Actions; 5. Reactions. 6. Relationships. 

*And the final harmony is the unity and truly care for our tribe and the dome humans live in.

*Find the celestial frequency with truthbusters courses to get the harmony “The One`s” spirit is asking for. 

    A reminder to “The One”, in this Society, no money and no membership are allowed, just come, and go as you wish, free like an Eagle bird. 

  You do You, you teach You, you transform You, you play You, You thought You, You act You, You react You, You create You.


                        So LET THE SOUND &CARE COME OUT 


Fourth Principal: Inner World Research. The most important principal.

Tradition, culture, and religions say suffering is the preparation for life hereafter. The statement of the Elite holds “The One's Inner World in the limited space of ignorance. “The One” can hardly see their actions and barely understand their S.O.U.N.D. “The One” listens to replies and rarely researches.


*"The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E." looks at “The One's INNER WORLD and lets this World become permanently empathic. 

*Why “The One” needs profound analysis? Separating the Outer World with C.A.R.E. into a solid constituent element will fulfill the Galactic travel. 

*This Society teaches “The One” to check and mate their thoughts/actions/reactions/, T.A.R. 

*Through Intuition, see if this information resonates with Truth; it is trying to bust the Inner World. *Personal introspection is necessary. *

*What does the Inner World is saying? The harmful intentions would betray the path of the Inner Creator. Get the Key to the Inner Intention. It matters the most. 

(The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E." provides courses on improving “The One's T.A.R. and offers the Key to the Inner Intention.) 

* T.A.R. is a psychological process of cleansing. “The One” will go inward to explore their Emotional Big Bang and engage in truthful reflection of Self-Awareness, which connects them with resilience and lower stress levels. The reflection is accurate. Can “The One” be honest with this World? 

*” The One” is the participant in the Ancient and Modern Industrial Era of Lies, a critical actor that pretends to be somebody else.

*When the Inner World cause a frequency, vibration, and energetic circle around themselves, the Angel of Destiny appears and strikes their path.  

*The shock waves of “The One's aura blasts out. A Galactic Being can see it; an awakening “The One” is a future Galactic Spirit. 

*” The One” thought is a microcosmic alchemical projection.

*The Unknown is a Macrocosmic alchemical projection. THE ONE is a biological being. 



Fifth Principle: Source of Information. 

*The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E., consider with great Care their sources of information. The data is directly from the Creator. 

In today`s world misinformation is a weapon for the Elite to use ignorance, which is growing faster than viruses, and the hackers of it are on rise and they multiply like cockroach. 

Check with the intuition first, then through a lens of severe scrutiny analyze the information that “The One” is receiving. Don`t just go for it because is a tradition or a cultural obligation. 

*Build “The One`s culture & tradition of TRUTH.

  *When an individual refuses to present certain information, it means that a specific person or institution seeks to control people's perceptions and therefore is a tactic to limit what human beings may come to understand.

 * Influencing people to dismiss precise instruction as unimportant or unnecessary to review is not allowed on the platform of The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. 

 *” The One”, check with the inner World first, is where the instruction and intuitive information comes to light. 

*The One” lives in a corrupt world of hoarding materialism, and therefore the source of information is limited. 

*” The One” is liable for the information dissected until one gets the proper knowledge.

* When “The One” refuses to see through with the third eye and begins to believe the lies, it disrupts their Chain and accelerates the human race's extinction. 


*The sequences of “The One's ignorance brought themselves to the chaotic memories and the presence of vices.  

*The only source of information accepted as Truth is the Inner Factory of the Universe.

* The cleansing of the mundane state is available when “The One “let the Inner Om energy vibrates to a perfect Hertz music. That Sound is the direct connection with God. 


Sixth Principle: Create. Ellen Luca wants to create a living village for every being.

What The One wants to create? 

*Did “The One” ever ask themselves what they should create if they could let the Inner Wisdom speak freely? 

*Bring out the beauty monarch butterfly of the Inner World.

*So, let the Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. and Blue Apple Villages to release the Nexus of “The One's Creation. 

*The Creation of Nexus results from “The One's actions from their Matrix of Thoughts. 

 *The sixth principal will generate a scenario and design a role that originated in “The One's Inner World. 

*Let the Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. creates spectacular big bangs and downregulations to the thoughts of fear and pain of losing. The fear and pain are categorized as a neural pathway that encourages the brain to find fault in everything and anyone around them. 

* Rarely, “The One” is honest. The pathway of denial and criticism is a habit.

*Let “The One's genetic alchemical God create different hormones and enzymes! 

*Involved a seemingly magical transformation process to scale the thoughts/actions/reactions in a different direction.


The original character of “The One” is called "the Inner World." 

 Something unique would naturally evolve from “The One's thoughts that are analyzed and considered the work of their art in our courses with Ellen. 

             Just let the Sound of Creation enter, and let it move through your being.

                  Click here for an appointment with Ellen!


The Seventh Principle: Self Architect. 

  The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. teaches “The One” to act as the Self Creator, the Self Architect. 

*” The One” is the local in their community and embraces themselves as a Self-Creator of T.A.R. (thoughts/actions/reactions.)

*Share the C.A.R.E. with “The One” Tribe and treat Blue Apple Mother as a Self-Architect. 

*” The One” has a Superpower. Can they find the path? Maybe Yes, Conceivable No. 

* Perceive the galactic illumination of the Universe; do not give up that superpower away. 

*The Hermit light is busting their Truth, bringing the “The One” a Creation of *BEING THE GOD*.

 GOD exists inside of “The One”, check properly, and ask yourself. 


                          Let us have the inner talk with your God:

    “_ Who is the one that walk on this path, name LIFE? When I came to this world I was protected by my parents. Did I? I got an education from them and my siblings. 

            Then I went to school, it did teach me staff who has nothing to do with my inner world or my wellbeing, or what I wish for to happen. It was about others who thinks they are above me, and I must obey. 

       That it made me feel small and insignificant.  I see the society around me, family members, friends, colleagues, husband(wife.) What I did is only download their doings and twisted in somehow for me and show the advantage to a tradition, habits. 

           I wasn`t strong enough to think for myself with care and unconditional love; I let others built my status, instead of checking with my Inner GOD. This protected Mother of the Universe exists inside of me. I am the only one who cause the big bang of my thoughts, then they set off feelings, which causes karma, became the habit of a robotic band, after all ornaments my destiny.

        I act and then the reaction to the outer world which either harmed or applauded me. I forgot to think for myself, to analyze with the lens of The Universe`s Law. The materialist world sparkling lights took away the architecture of my SELF. 

       Starting the next moment in space and mundane time I am going to bust the truth SELF, for me and the use of human chain. I am important as any other living being is. 

  ---------------------------------- I AM the SELF ARCHITECT ---------------------------------------“ 


*The primary aim is to achieve discipline and activate the inner consciousness of knowledge. 


The Eighth Principle: The Matrix of Knowledge.  

The fundamental knowledge reaches the wrong hand. For that reason, “The One need to hear the Truth. 

       For millions of years, “The One`s Society suffered; anything they disagree with, turns to prosecution. These weird beings took over the civilization and structure devilishly, beyond the usual mental faculties of the entire civilization of “The One”.

     Let the gamma rays crystallize “The One's pineal gland with honey and let pituitary gland produce a whitish cosmic milk for the babies to grow healthy. 

                     The Matrix works this way: 

  • For “The One” to reach the Matrix, a cleansing with many stages is necessary. Nothing will appear magically. 

  • Make a schedule to flourish those stages. Only “The One” is capable of those changes.

  • Take medical approval for this transformation. 

  • The One” should study the physical body first, then experiment what you have in common with the Blue Apple Mother and her other children. 

Is “The One” aware of their surroundings, or is their perception highjacked by the Outer World?

 To be the Matrix of Knowledge, “The One” needs requirements. Therefore, significant change can only happen if it reaches divergent requirements.

  *Do “The One” knows how their body works? Listen to the Sound that their organs are voicing, please. 

                                            Our Blue Apple Tarot is coming soon!


*Every major 78 organs need love, Care, and compassion for their constant pastime involving mental and physical. 

*The physical effort must be made to achieve a mundane and galactic purpose and not result from being condemned to the servitude of superiority. 

* The Matrix of Knowledge Key is G.O.D., and the UNKNOWN is equal to “The One”.

 NO ONE IS ABOVE, AND NO ONE IS BELOW. “The One” is the Tiny G.O.D.

  • Know what food, thought, and behavior feed the 78 organs. They work on transferring energy from one form to alternative ways of Creation. Exercise the unity of organs from one place to another in perfect sequence. 

  *What is necessary for this cosmic dish to be a Matrix? 

  *Is the “The One” aware of potential psychic confusion and escapism of their mundane existence?

  * The potential pupil should find themselves during a study by changing the Endless Trivialities.

  * Cultivate the seeds of mentality, observe, and analyze with the third eye.

  * Try to acquire a spiritual awakening and bring the “The One's gift to the surface. 


The Ninth Principle: Be a Mentalist. 

What does it mean to be a mentalist? Be the manipulator of culture and switch the traditional brain? Maybe yes, for sure is NO. To be a mentalist it means to pay attention, to analyze with simple ways, watching the movements, speech, the vibration of the inner energy and not the mask of the outer clown with nice suits, or dresses, sparkling jewelry, and cars, huge palaces. 

 *” The One” should gain a control of their mentality, detach from the Outer World, and become limitless. 

* “The One” is the Creator of their life, so be a mentalist not ignorant.          

The Mayan Calendar, Oral Egyptian teachings, Eastern ancient culture charts, and Northern ancient outlined 26,000 years long orbit of our Sun around the Milky Way Galaxy.


Sun is moving closer to the Photon Belt. As a result, our Solar System will have a shower of beautiful Lights: the cleanser, Sagittarius A, and the Milky Way's Blackhole. The Blackholes are the lymphatic System of our Universe. 

  The physical entities like Galaxies, Solar Systems, Blackholes, and Quasar. are inside another entity. It goes to the infinite. 

The human being that got a life on this body in the time of Sagittarius A plasma shower, are blessed, use this on your advantage “The One” .

How “The One’s body works in specific ways, the Mother Nature, Solar System, and Galaxies working in similar sequences with quite a divergent degree. 

     Earth's Moon is the Plasma cleanser. This whitish light is precious. The Mothers of Earth include Oneness, have the same cleansing process each month. 

     When a fool moon happens, the precious pearl cleanses plasma from the Earth's energy of magnetic circles that captivates the energy from the Sun. So, our maker, the Golden Perfection, is not harming us. 

  In the core of Blue Apple Earth is a giant crystal of elements, an embryo that alchemically brings life.   

Inside the physical brain of “The One” is a similar Matrix with the Unknown.

        The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. can enlighten “The One” with truthful knowledge from the Unknown.

  “The One” is always enlightened, depending on how they use their alchemical thought to proceed. For that reason, are three factors to be cleansed Heart, Mind, and Gut.  

Our courses will elaborate on the principle of cleansing the Heart, Mind, and Gut. 


                  Click here for an appointment with Ellen!

The Tenth Principle: Boundness to the Natural Law. 

Truthbusters & Blue Apple Villages are about the following of The Universe`s Law.

Relativity, Attraction, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, Gender/Gustation and Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. There is no priority or proper order sequence to these numbers.

The One possess an intrinsic power to govern their T.A.R. (thoughts/actions/reactions)

*Have morality and your ethics will transform.

* Use the patterns of red and blue with perfect vibration and the frequency of “The one`s” thoughts will bound to the natural law.

*Let the Inner God to teach with clarity the Outer world.

* Do not let the cultures, traditions, habits, and materialism to grasp “The One`s “deep knowledge of Universe`s Law.

*Let the inherited rules of the Universe to distinguish the “right & “wrong ‘in “The One`s” society.


*” The One” cannot escape from the Law of Creation. Any action has a reaction. 

*The One” is blind and refuses to process the logical and Natural Law.

*The Unknown Cosmological power is neutral, and doesn`t give a blip about human’s cultures, traditions, and materialism of high and low classes.

 * The Natural Law should be applied to become a Galactic Civilization.

The One” must be aware of the protection from the Unknown when respecting the Natural Law. 

*The Law of Attraction is the safe keeper for balance and harmony and is more significant than “The One” thinks. They should begin to establish a healthy boundary of their thoughts by putting some extra effort to change. Blend in and out, begin to emanate pure consciousness.

*The Natural Law will protect the “The One” when they vibrate the same frequency as Itself.

* The Unknown and “The One's consciousness is the free flow of energy. 

* To become immortal is to detach completely from materialist world, to use it with caution and care only for survival, for evolution, and offer for civilize comfort and not grand mania or punishments.

*The Natural Law gives The One a right to life, liberty and pursue of happiness. Under the Natural Law.                                 *That is the Secret and the Key. * 


A Special Eleventh Principle: The two musketeers: Animalistic and Galactic Intimacy of the Cosmic Alchemy. 

*Have the tantric dance of the Universe. The Serpent is an alchemical cosmic liquid in a constant dance with itself. This Principle is valid for grown “One”. It must be known by the young generation, with specific Natural Law applications.  

A private class with Ellen Luca is available at , send email to begin a conference with enough busters of truth. Anyone who is interested, formed a class more than five people and we go LIVE, with Google Chat,


The twelfth Principle: Polarity of Negative and Positive, Masculine and Feminine, Yin and Yang, Cold and Hot. 

What is the meaning of opposites? Research for the correct answer.

*Negative and Positive, Masculine and Feminine, can meet and blend.

*” The One” is a singularity with a rhythm, a tantric dance with two identical pairs but different degrees.  

* How to bridge and find the Key to the Gateway of the Architect? By strengthening the Inner Core, the Seed of Life. 

*While those chemicals are left to work in harmony, the recharge is happening, and the galactic antenna is ON. 


The twelfth Principle is the Triple Spiritual Warmer and the essential Principle. 

*X, Y, and Z forces. To move from 3D, “The One” must unite the pizzazz from X, Y, and Z into O (zero). 

*The triple energies' magnetic fields are X, Y, and Z.

*X is Heart (C.A.R.E.), Y is Mind (S.O.U.N.D.), and Z is the Gut (ACTION). 

*When “The One” spiritually unites the vibration of the alchemical changes, Oneness's X, Y, and Z integration opens a portal of being galactic, is the O(Zero) Portal. 

 *It will automatically put “The One” in a frequency equal with G.O.D.  that vibrates Gamma Rays, which means peace. 


THE UNKNOWN, or the ZERO, is a vibration divided into infinite complexities that interact and overlap the frequency and alchemical elements in a plasma circle. 

This vibration resembles Zero but has separate emanations and differentiation in the magnetic field. 

The other galactic civilizations categorize “The One” as a very fragile civilization.

The Zero will protect “The One” when they vibrate at the same frequency.

The One” is praying in the current moment to a mundane middle being that lacks wisdom, knowledge, balance, harmony, and Care. They think that are entitled with superiority. 

      This power uses ancient methods of shamanism to intoxicate The One`s cosmic plasma,

transforming the Heart, Mind, and Gut into a cold being.


Truth exists if “The One” lays off a thought with C.A.R.E. and tries to charge the batteries towards honesty. 

 Each vibration will broadcast balanced energy like stealth around the body. The agent of this vibration formed the field of virtue or vices that belongs to “The One’s” Inner World.

 When the Rules of the Law of Attraction keep the balance and harmony with the right rhythm and the perfect correspondence, the energy poles become a flaw of vibration. 

The One” show the advantage of a ministar. Their galactic antenna can connect with Alien World.

 It is the final stage of “The One” to be a galactic being. 


The twelfth Principle is the final stage of The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E., which relates to each other End to End, as the Phoenix Bird's arisen from the ashes.

   Let the false etymology and the fraudulent coopt terms from the souls of disorder end their practice by following the Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E.


This new Society includes all “The One” races, with no exceptions. No past is required.  

  Discrete requirements exist for humanity to reach THE UNKOWN GOD. 

  Nothing will happen magically. Truthfulness, Courageousness, and Unselfishness are the Key. Connect directly with THE UNKOWN GOD, and not the fantastical God on a high horse you were reached until now.


  Does “The One” want to live every moment on this body in complete happiness? 

    Then, engage in our Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E., and respect the Only Requirements to reach G.O.D.: bound the alchemical factory to the triangle of Truthfulness, Courageousness, and Unselfishness, and respect the Law of Attraction. 

   Negative is not opposed to positive. The dismissive with buoyant melt together in a cosmic dance, harmonizing themselves. 

  The Red is the fabulous Teddy Bear, bringing peace, calmness, and vibrating Sound. Furthermore, the Blue is the frequency of actions—a process that brings Oneness Inner World to fruition. 

             Take the Blue and Red pill of The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E.


    Learning and applying twelve principles, “The One” will equal the UNKNOWN, G.O.D. Oneness will have the power to develop a smooth rhythm of Out and In. The pendulum swing manifests in everything. 


 To go forward, the Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. requests “The One” species be responsible for everything they create here, on Earth.


  “The One” is the Mirror of the Universe, a spoiled child who got a paradise to leave and a body dish for the alchemical elements. It is the meaning of God.


Ellen Luca is the Founder of, International Blue Apple Villages, and The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E.  She wants to take “The One” deep into their Being. She was there for 56 years, and it`s a labyrinth with no end.

 She will teach “The One” to twirl the mirrors on every corner of their Inner Most Core to find immortality that is real. 

The Stars call Ellen the Goddesses of the Inner World, Truth, and Justice. Moreover, she set “The One’s heart on seeing, and feeling the Real Heaven. 


To enlighten the path of unity with Heaven, come and enjoy The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. Ellen calls this society "The iron shirt of S.O.S. & Care." 


 The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. will show to “The One”, in flesh G.O.D.  

      Know that this Society does not allow gossip, gaslight, lies, or anything related to vices like hate, jealousy, envy, revenge, or war. If Oneness thinks they have a few of these vices, we will help eliminate them.


  A mistake of the current culture is that it allows us to go in the same circle of ignorance, assuming that “The One” can see or get in touch with G.O.D. A big illusion with false statements.

  “The One” will reincarnate back to an Earth of sufferings, and soon enough, no Earth will be available for them, and the recycle of their spirit is necessary.

  The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. is the Center Generator of living beings' blood and sows the seeds of the Galactic Magnetic Field, which enlightens the Galactic Antenna. 

   This Society is going to find wisdom from within in this chaotic World. 

Current traditions, religions, and cultures are ripping off “The One's paradisical existence. So come and see the future of “The One” with a third eye. Be safe and healthy. 




                  Ellen Luca, The Founder of "The Society of S.O.U.N.D. & C.A.R.E. “ 

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