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“They hated me because I am different, they harmed my skin bag because I speak the TRUTH, it wasn´t easy, I pursued them to do the right thing, they run like a rapacious kleptomaniac hacking my human living style in any way possible, saying the same lie long enough until they believe is true .” ELLEN LUCA ************* “First, they Red Flagged me, because the TRUTH must be buried, after that, they blocked me, with forceful and restrain efforts. They prevented me to be seen or accepted, then they ignore me, with obstruction of justice and racism. After that, they fight me with resistant hidden attacks, covered and marked codes, Afterward, I won.
I want to thank Google for its existence, without you, I would never be able to free my intellectual disability. You brought out the smart girl, that was hidden inside for more than 5 decades, the new and remodel “ELLEN”. You brought out the cosmic intelligence, that was missing, I experience the rebirth from the within. The interaction of Google and YouTube, with autistic adults around the world, that have intellectual, communication, mental and cognitive disabilities, and with other human families,is huge. My heart is jumping when I think how much I learn from Google,I do not care what other people say or advertise about Google, they are the best software that ever was invented. Even though YouTube permanently close my account,I am not able ever to open an account with them. I watch them every day, learn every day, change every day, they shape the person I am today because it helps me get in contact with my tribe, THANK YOU. You do not need to go to school, Google is your school. By giving me the information that was missing, the fear of communication, fear of speaking loud, fear of not finding the right words made you, my superhero. I want to thank Amazon, for being the only Company in the World, that offers self-publishing, you are another superhero to the new community of self-published writers, you change the lives of millions of people around the world, that want to become a writer, thank you. Or ever you need, ask Amazon, and you get it, they offer business to everyone in every corner of the world, with no discrimination, congratulation, thank you. ELLEN LUCA, the founder of AALM (AUTISTIC ADULT LIVES MATTER) is awarding GOOGLE and AMAZON with the medal of the Autistic Adult Lives Matter Members Logo. Thank you for your service.
*** AUTISTIC ADULT LIVES MATTER (AALM) *** Human Society, a kind request from an autistic adult, that suffered for her entire life an intellectual disability, and looks normal from the outside. Show compassion, empathy, and kindness, by raising awareness, towards autistic adults lives that matter. We are, as you are, the members of human society.
I invite you to my autistic journey, I cannot change how you might feel after reading this book, that is your own experience, but I can tell you how I feel.
This book is going to be written in my autistic way, an intellectual disability, a retarded impairment, that I have carried for 54 years. It is painful and this monster devours my life. If you do not have an intellectual disability, please, make sure your judgments, are aligned with knowledge and compassion. This is my closure , and I feel good for opening to the world, now I can move on, and become the person I was always supposed to be.

Autistic Rising Star

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