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Five Ways to truthbustering One's World:  

  1. Thoughts Modification   

         What is the meaning of "thought"?   

    Thought is the Big Bang of One's neurotransmitters. It moves faster than the speed of light. Humans are microbodies planned to occur earlier by a natural big bang of our cosmic maker.   

  Universe It is a Macro body, and we are Its micro body, a copy, its child, an atomic being.  

  This dome is humans' home; sometimes, natural events might happen, but it is OK; we need to learn to protect ourselves; it is all over the universe, only on a big scale.  

 To become galactic, one must awaken their serpent and the Triad. They are One's thoughts/actions/reactions. They have Enlighted us with the right alchemical big bang.   

                          There is no sudden magic to cause a switch; if one does not engage their #thoughts/actions/reactions# into a modification, nothing will change, and nobody can do it for them; it is free will.   

  Nobody will come to rescue one; the trapped and distressing situation one is making.   

                TruthBusters wants to help one to see actions that provoke happiness and serenity. Furthermore, set in motion the One Tribe and sympathy for the truth to become a simple galactic living.   

    "Be proud of your past because it is your teacher, your guidance, but leave it where it belongs in the" Past. "   

   "Be in the moment, feel the happy emotions folding, roll on the floor, sing, hug, jump, and run like Phoebe from "Friends."  

                                  “YOU ARE YOU and LOVE YOU. "  


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2. Should One keep checking their emotions constantly? Yes.   

 How can one keep their emotions in check? Is it possible?   

The answer is yes. In this society? Sure, truthbusters bet One can.   

Truthbusters found an easy way to release the inner war one has with their past emotions and the system in which humans are born. So finally, we have the solution for the change.  

Begin to think more significantly than the conditionate system. Become spiritual and learn to love and care for the inherited waterly body.  

 Every morning One doing the same things and similar routines goes and sees the very same people, places, and tasks and acts and reacts in identical ways as others, like a rolling band in the factory.  

 So, one has already become the corporation`s robot that is promising to bring it up to the market.   

    One is the robot of a civilized system. So dull, yes, it is.   

Is the reason One's emotions are suffering anxiety, severe depression, suicides, and unfulfilled destinies. One is the same programmed machine-like Devilish inventions that keep their emotions in the same field.    

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3. Activate the unknown.  

What does that mean? Compassion comes from cosmic energy, vibration, and frequency. It is Serenity, Happiness, Arousal of Unconditional Love, Empathy, and Gratitude for Life.   

Since birth, one was educated in specific ways by their parents, school, and society, forming a chain of thoughts, emotions, and habits.  

Is One's surroundings control their thinking? Or is One's Brain the Master of their living habitat? Unfortunately, the answer is YES for the first question, and for the second question, the answer is NO.  

 The monotonous regularities follow the Hammurabi Law of lacking the variety of wholesome entertainment, being short on keen interests for the good of One's inner world peace and happiness. It needs improvement for human habitat.  

The external environment shows a mechanical behavior that turns different circuits in One's Brain, causing a blockage to be spoken in the outer world.   


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4. One's actions must correspond with their inner compassionate World and God's Whirling Wind (Word).

The sound coming out from One's inner world is karma controlling their destiny.  

 What actions One takes influence their life and the Chain of humanity.  

For millions of years, human actions destroyed their race and caused severe damage to the dome of other waterly beings and their living habitat.  

To keep this skin bag long enough to enjoy this Paradise, one must align and harmonize their elements with their twelve energies that produce different vibrations.   

Twelve vibrations are the zodiac in astrology, used as the 12 planets of our Solar System. Therefore, twelve energies must be aligned to cooperate and harmonize.  

In biology, one's body functions twelve nerves that connect the Brain with the body.  

Every planet represents an essential organ of its waterly body.  

Rise to the sky, wear the eye of an eagle, begin to look at thyself; what does one see?   

The Natural Stargate school offers the Cosmic lens to see through the third eye.  


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5. Reactions are the mental chronometry, the process that speeds up responses to One's destiny and sequences of mental operations.   

The Big Bang of the cosmic elements means thoughts; karma means actions. One's sound, both ways inner and outer, means reactions. God's Word is the sound that comes from One's lungs through the mouth.   

  The alchemy puzzle is Thought/Action/Reaction (T.A.R.). It is the Tria Prima and The Three-Fold Art of Alchemy, which the ancient and modern alchemists were researching. It is the triangle of life, the Triad.   

The ancient alchemists looked to find the Primordial Stone.  That gemstone is One's thoughts/actions/. Reactions, T.A.R.  

 The perfect stone is One's harmony of the Physical and Divine planes. It can transform the blue water body from within into a honey crystal.   

        "Stop reacting without a clue to your reaction and to others around you. Instead, pay attention by using a micro microscope."  


A direct message from the founder, Ellen Luca:  

            "Take me in your inner garden, and you will realize that THOUGHT / ACTION/REACTION, T.A.R., will have the ability to distill complex esoteric learnings.   

 Your being will be in harmony at the end of our sessions.   Your success becomes aware of what it means to be alive.  

You will start walking in the right path for you and the Chain of your species.   The Blue Apple (Earth) will shine brighter in the cosmos; that is, the meaning of being galactic. You will notice that the changes are visible.”  


  Ellen's change is infinite; She is on her way to becoming galactic; 

                      Is One eager to become a galactic?   

Ellen`s training, teachings, and guidance are One; she is a healer, the happiness of one is her healing, and one's smile and positive vibrations are her prizes.  

 Ellen has the power to interact with energy and has the cosmic ability to heal that frequency.   

       Her appearance on this waterly body is to initiate the human species, awaken one, offer the truth, transform one into a galactic being, to enroll one in the Cosmic Honeycomb Mother's army.   

  "In the beginning were the words," That has been One's thought, a light that fires cosmic elements. A chemical element is a species of an atom that is a G.O.D., been constructed to work inside of an earthly vessel;  

                                       "YOU are G.O.D."   

  Ellen channels the language of energy; how much One wants to donate depends on their sources; the Chain must complete a cycle.   

The Blue Apple Villages must rise to bring fruition to the authentic village.   

     It is a simple life but, simultaneously, a very modern, galactic type, with many inventions used to the advantage of humans and the home we live in.   

 One will participate in the Natural Stargate Lifestyle chain.   

   We must realize that every good discovery must be promoted and modified for humans and Blue Apple Village Earth, our beautiful Paradise.   

   One should get in touch with their blue apple, a carbon body, and care for and embrace it unconditionally.  

 The carbon body depends on One's T.A.R., then connect with Blue Apple Mother Nature.  

 Repeat as a mantra "I am a Blue Apple, a truthbuster that is the path uniting the past, present, and future, with no time between."   

  It is a mistake of humans; they are using this gift of seeing the Past for vile emotions, see them as blessings, a guide, and you will change.   

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The classes would take One in the proper direction of their destiny.  

 We will research destiny deeply, knowing that it is a complex event with hidden power, which is the shaper of One's future.   

  That hidden power belongs to One, and those courses teach them to bring to the surface those powers. Show the world who O.N.E. is.   

                                     One is in the right place.    

  This organization gives One the tools; what One will do with received gifts depends on their free will.   

  One's thoughts/actions/reactions are the Chain of their medallion.   

   One's opinion matters, and in those lessons, the customer would have One on One video conferences through Zoom with the founder Ellen, conferences with all members, and an Online Meeting with the future villagers of the Blue Apple Cradle of Civilization.  


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     One will understand how their thoughts=, emotions=, habits=, actions=, and reactions-=. For example, KARMA makes to wear a shirt on FIRE called "DESTINIES."  

    Does one know how to wear this shirt? Let truthbusters help.  

 This shirt can be worn with loyalty until One realizes that the intentions of their actions and reactions produce the consequences of Humanity's DESTINY.  

  Humans' DESTINY is tight with their species' fate because humans are the Chain of the living system.   

     Stop the excuses "I have a family to feed" or "I like to be above," the confusion of the existing system, and take action to change the destiny of humanity. We are the Chain.  

 Let the inner world speak, act and react to fly to another level of strength and courage. It is one's birthright "to be happy to be alive. "  

           There are ways, straightforward ones. For example, how this Artificial Stargate brought together and created a fake copy of the Natural World, one can change this system.  

    This field of scientific speculation encourages humans to become ill with burn-out syndrome. (Check Google's definition of burn-out syndrome.  

    The Blue Apple Villagers are the Truthbusters; they would regain the Natural right to live in Paradise.   

   Which way does one choose for their family, friends, and colleagues to live?   

         What deeds are the next movement to change the world?   

      Humans are the Chain, those loved ones are their environment, they are dear to them, and this Earth is humans' dome.   

   One is OK with speculative fiction to imbalance their inner and outer world? WHY?   

  Why is one a masochist to their physical, spiritual, and mindful plane? (Check the definition on Google in general use)   

  The curiosity of one's answer to these questions is very high.   

  Truthbusters is waiting for one to participate in this conversation.  

  Is one not eager to taste, see, and feel what it is like to be a free, happy human being?    

   The emotional state of thinking, acting, and reacting without hindrance or restrain is out of this world,   

    One would possess the power to harmonize and be entitled to live a peaceful, comfortable, laid-back life and to be creative with life virtues.  

    Nevertheless, is one happy to live in a turbulent world? Agitated life, poor, worried, violent, upset, nervous, disturbed, and always in trouble?   

  Every human is the Chain of this system, depending on each other's actions to bond; this is an unfortunate truth.  

   99.99 % of humans have the potential for wrong actions caused by the traditional form of civilization, such as " I AM ABOVE < YOU ARE BELOW." It does not work and never did.   

             Use Self-Hypnoses to reprogram the Brain with new habits of a galactic being, not a human being.  


 "Thank you for accepting and letting us save the Children of the Universe; this child is the Human Being."   




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